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https everywhere

Postby Larry » Tue Aug 03, 2010 10:39 pm

Will there be an Iron version compatible with a HTTPS everywhere plugin? It would suit a browser which strength is supposed to come from its "privacy" features. My question was triggered by the following FAQ on the website:

Q. Will there be a version of HTTPS Everywhere for Chrome? Or IE, Safari, Opera, or some other browser?

A. Our understanding is that the Chrome extensions API does not support request rewriting. That means that there is currently no way to write a secure version of HTTPS Everywhere without modifying the Chrome source code.

We believe the IE and Safari APIs have similar limitations. But if you happen to know a way to perform secure request rewriting in these browsers, feel free to let us know at https-everywhere at (but note that modifying document.location or window.location in JavaScript is not secure).

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