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Ryzen 5000 - the processor (not only) for gamers

When buying a computer, the customer has the choice between two well-known manufacturers. Either he chooses an Intel processor or a processor from AMD. Intel always had the lead in performance in the past, so gamers often chose this processor. However, AMD has done its homework and presents a processor with Ryzen 5000 that not only catches up with Intel, but even overtakes it in the important categories.

Ryzen 5000 with Zen 3 architecture in four versions

It's thanks to the Ryzen processors with Zen architecture that AMD is once again at the forefront of processors. Ryzen names the new versions in increments of 1000. The special feature of the new processor is already clear from the fact that AMD has skipped a step. The cheapest processor with six cores is Ryzen 5 5600X. The performance of this processor is sufficient for simple gaming applications. Those who like to do several tasks at the same time or often play games with complex graphics will quickly reach the limits with this processor. In this case, the Ryzen 7 with eight cores 5800X is the better choice. The most expensive and intended for professional use are the two models Ryzen 9 5900X with 12 and Ryzen 9 5950X with 16 cores. The models are no bargains in terms of price. Currently, the market prices even exceed AMD's recommended retail price. The two Ryzen 9 models are hardly available. So, if you want the highest performance, you should wait a bit longer, because the price might still drop.

Performance better than Intel

AMD's specifications speak a clear language. AMD focuses on the Ryzen 9 5900X and speaks of an increase of 25% on average. 10 selected games were tested. Now, tests from the manufacturer are to be regarded with caution. However, AMD's statements have always been accurate in the past years. The performance increase in the individual games is very different. They range from a plus of 5 to 50 percent. Intel was always at a disadvantage in comparison tests with the Cinebench software. Comparable processors were tested. Due to the higher performance, there is no longer a difference between AMD and Intel. AMD is therefore no longer the cheap processor, but an alternative to Intel. This is also reflected in the price, because AMD has drawn level with Intel here.

Intel has found its master

The times of Intel's dominance on the processor market seem to be finally over. Not only the company benchmarks, but also in the first tests AMD shows the better performance. AMD will be the processor of choice in the future when high computing power is needed.