Bidding Iron Farewell; has become unusable

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Bidding Iron Farewell; has become unusable

Postby BiggieSmalls » Tue Jun 23, 2020 8:32 pm

Like most Iron users I value my privacy. But it seems Google and it's fanboy websites (Yahoo, Bank Card issuers, etc.) are all enforcing standard Chrome/Firefox usage so they can keep tabs on users. I've tried various user agent extensions to avoid browser detection but none works effectively in practice. In addition, Iron seems to have a pecular issue with javascript: void(0) errors where the whole browser window turns white. And as others have pointed out. Iron has also become slow.

It's been a nice, more than decade, long run and I appreciate the hard word the SRWare developers have put into the product. But I've moved on to a combination of Waterfox and Microsft Edge portable. :cry:

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