New Iron-Version: 75.0.3900.0 Stable for Windows

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Re: New Iron-Version: 75.0.3900.0 Stable for Windows

Postby dph3057 » Sun Aug 11, 2019 12:45 pm

We're all in the same boat. I'm surprised that Google allowed the code to make blocking ads relatively easy to remain in Chromium for so long. It is inevitable that the free ride was going to end someday. Relying on Google to allow the taming of its "user spy-centric" browser was good while it lasted but realistically we all knew the day was coming when the rug would be pulled out from under our feet.

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Re: New Iron-Version: 75.0.3900.0 Stable for Windows

Postby walber01 » Sun Aug 11, 2019 8:40 pm

dph3057 wrote:
walber01 wrote:who else is having problems with ads in this version of iron?

Google has previously announced that they intend to rework the Chrome API(s) and this will have a significant impact on the ability of extensions to block ads. Maybe Google has started to change things...

Get ready. SRWare may not be able to tweak future versions of Chromium to maintain the ad blocking status quo. Those who do not wish to subject themselves to the new ad policies dictated by Google, may have to find another browser...

So, if I ( we ) use version 74 adblock will work
the problem is use an outdated browser

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