how do I remove Bing completely.

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Re: how do I remove Bing completely.

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The fact that SRWare bundles Bing search in every release shows exactly how much you can believe SRWare's claims to be a secure and privacy conscious browser. The plain fact is that this is a blatant lie. SRWare iron is NOT a secure or privacy conscious browser.

While not as bad as Google's Chrome, it is not far removed. SRWare going into partnership with Microsoft is the ultimate in two-faced douche-baggery.

Use SRWare Iron at your own risk. If you are not technically minded, or an advanced user, or just want an easy life, then look elsewhere.
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Re: how do I remove Bing completely.

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tealc wrote:I do not understand why is so difficult to remove Bing from the search bar of a new page!
I've just installer the version 73.0.3800.1 but there also the Bing search bar.
I think you give some money from Microsoft to do this.
You create Iron for a secure surf on the web but for the search you use Bing from Microsoft!!!
It's non sense!

I'ts some months i'm using Iridium Browser and I think I will use it instead of Iron.
Really sorry!
Good bye Iron!
Welcome Iridium!
Revision: Brave browser is great substitute on Iron browser!
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Re: how do I remove Bing completely.

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It's true that now that I've found answers to my questions, the presence of Bing is my main gripe with Iron... The thing is that I intend to sometimes use it for work, with content ranging from salary data to investment procedures around this property in Germany, so I'd rather avoid data leaks.
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Re: how do I remove Bing completely.

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