(PRIVACY) BUG: iron portable ignores disk-cache-size ???

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(PRIVACY) BUG: iron portable ignores disk-cache-size ???

Postby BUGHUNTER » Wed Dec 07, 2011 1:36 pm


after some time of testing I am sure that Iron Portable ignores the disk-cache-size setting - however I might not be applying that parameter to the right executable or maybe the IronPortable.exe does not bypass any parameters? I am calling the program like this:

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IronPortable.exe --purge-memory-button  --memory-model=low --disk-cache-size=0 --media-cache-size=0

If there is a way to make Iron recognize the disk-cache-size setting, please tell me how to do it, thanks.

I would like to mention that this could be a major privacy problem - if you do not want to write Iron anything to the caches at all (always, not only in special browsing modes) then you want to be sure iron does not ignore this setting - erasing cache data after usage is not a solution, as this files can easily be unerased.

It would be really helpful to have an option to make Iron avoid writing any caching data to disk, especially because this is a requirement for a privacy-respecting browser.

This bug also applies to the portableapps.com release of iron.

BTW I did not find your bugtracker, so I am posting this here - where is your ticket system? Are you using github?

Thanks for your attention,

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