Customize/Optimize Google Add-On

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Customize/Optimize Google Add-On

Postby sergieyes » Wed Nov 02, 2011 2:32 am

Customize/Optimize Google Add-On
My OS is Win XP, Serv. Pk. 3,running on a Dell Dimension 3000 PC. I use Iron Browser. I used to use a Firefox add-on named variously "Customize Google," or "Optimize Google." Call it C.O.G. COG is not financed or developed any longer,sad,it was fantastic. I want to use Greasemonkey, user scripts,or some other manner to achieve these results,which was how COG functioned.:
* Add links to competitors * Rewrite links to point straight to the images in Google Images * Secure Gmail and Google Calendar, switch to https * Block Google Analytics cookies * Anonymize your Google user id * Add a result counter in search result * Remove click tracking.*No,please,do not send me to Firefox,they do not develop COG, its kaput. Is there a way to get that result? ADVISE. Best!

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