The original "Adblock Plus" now available for Chrome

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The original "Adblock Plus" now available for Chrome

Postby nonefornow » Mon Jan 17, 2011 4:10 pm

The most popular Chrome extension so far has been "AdBlock" (which is unrelated to the widely popular Firefox extension).

Now, finally, the real Adblock Plus has been ported to Chrome:

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Re: The original "Adblock Plus" now available for Chrome

Postby arflech » Sun Feb 20, 2011 11:52 am

This is actually AdThwart with new branding and a new direction of development, after the creator of Adblock Plus (Wladimir Palant) offered to take it off the hands of Tom Joseph, who had become too busy to maintain his creation. AFAIK it's not quite as good as Michael Gundlach's AdBlock extension because it ends up resorting to element-hiding more often; various limitations of Chrome mean that sometimes there is no way to block content that the Firefox extension, or the Safari port of Gundlach's extension, would block, and for a lot of other content, the way to get it blocked involves more RAM usage up-front (Gundlach erred on the side of blocking, while Joseph erred on the side of loading and then hiding, thereby using less RAM; Palant, with some help from Joseph, is trying to get the best of both worlds but isn't quite there yet).

Don't trust the brand; actually research this stuff (Protip: Not a single "adblock" extension for Opera is any good, the URL Filter is still king; also AdSweep is terrible).

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