Iron Portable and Foxit Reader Plugin

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Iron Portable and Foxit Reader Plugin

Postby firksydiscus » Fri Dec 18, 2009 2:05 pm


As the title suggests I am trying to install the foxit reader plugin to work with Iron Portable.

I am using Iron Portable: and Foxit Portable 3.1.4

The Foxit plugin is called npFoxitReaderPlugin.dll and can be used with Firefox Portable by copying it into Firefox's "Plugins" folder. There is no such folder with Iron Portable. I have tried copying this dll into nearly every folder of Iron Portable without success - including both "Extensions" folders (one in Iron, the other in Profile).

Another topic discusses doing the same with a normal installation of Iron
This also mentions reinstalling Foxit or copying the plugin to Iron's root directory. I have also tried this, also no success.

When I previously had Adobe Reader installed Iron had no problem loading the Adobe plugin (although it must have been picking this up from the local machine as it Adobe did not install anything into Iron).

I understand many extension issues are still being Ironed (tee hee) out and am happy to be patient, but if anyone has any clues or solutions how to get PDFs displayed on the page in Iron Portable without using Adobe they will be very welcome. Likewise I will post any updates.

I wish I could speak German, I bet you there's a solution on the German pages...


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