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Hello to all, new user here! I was wondering if you could code iron to not have to continually update the local state file with every launch. Also it would be convenient if a manual update component (triggered on user demand) could be included. Besides that I think its a fantastic browser. Just switched from IE a couple of days ago, i felt that I missed out alot that I didn't check you guys out earlier :D

I came across "chromepl*s" they have inferior speed compared to iron. But I realized they had some nifty features you could add

1. Double click tab to close page.
2. Mouse Gestures- In ChromePl*s, you can make efficient commands with easy mouse gestures.
3. Super drag- Drag a link in the page with your left button and drop it somewhere else in the page. This can create a new page(tab) to open the link; Dragging and dropping a block of text in the page will create a page and search the text with your default search engine.
4. IE tab for websites which supports only Internet explorer.
5. Download tools supported in context menu- Chrome Pl*s supports

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