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Re: Re : Extensions/settings lost after Iron update (55 to 56)

Post by SRWare »

Infinite New1 wrote:Hi,

Updated from 55 to 56, lost all extensions (which are highly customized) and most of settings. I saw no warning on the download page for it. Applied the full install over the old one. Didn't know that there was a CRX update module (or why it is not already in the main build), don't know if it would have changed something.

My browser (like a lot of people) is the most important piece of software on my PC. Don't know what to do, don't want to pass the afternoon reinstalling and reconfiguring everything. Will "check" what I can do with the Program Files/AppData/Profile folders for now. Want to cry.

Please say if there is something to do quickly to fix that. Don't have a restore point either.
Normally there is no problem with an update. In exceptional cases there is always the possibility that stuff gets lost. You should always make backups using the atributed tool.
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Infinite New1
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Re: Extensions deleted after Iron update

Post by Infinite New1 »

I agree with you, I should have done a backup of some sort...

Checked and compare a lot of folders (with last version/automatic backup of Windows integrated feature) and really all seems there. Maybe it's at a registry level...

Don't have time that much to do an investigation. I did some searches.

For now, that's all.
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Re: Extensions deleted after Iron update

Post by pixel42 »

I just tried out the new updater extension, but still the same problem. The folders in %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Chromium\User Data\Default\Extensions always get deleted by the update. Maybe you could try to backup that folder before the next update and copy it back, although I don't know if all the extension code and settings are stored in there.
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Re: Extensions deleted after Iron update

Post by pixel42 »

Sorry, I think I have to finally stop using Iron or recommend it to anyone. It's just too annoying to loose all installed extensions and their settings (and the Chrome settings too) on every update and I don't understand why nobody at SRWware is responding to this problem or just changes some lines of code in the installer so that the extension folder is not simply deleted in the update process. This problem exists for years now! Obviously someone is still creating new versions, so why don't you fix this on the way?
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Re: Extensions deleted after Iron update

Post by RSOblivion »

I'm noticing this everytime I have to re-install Windows. Even with the Portable the extensions fail and the bookmarks and previous open pages fail repeatedly, requiring a new install or portable folder and manually saving and transferring bookmarks via the HTML export of them.

If there's no hardware changes, just a Windows re-install why is this occurring?

Restoring from the config and backup tool is the same result as above each time on Win 10 which renders that option redundant.

Any idea what's causing this behaviour?

Oh this has happened with 56 thru 62. So been a long standing problem. Normally I just work around it, but it's getting to be a chore.
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Re: Extensions deleted after Iron update

Post by zibepp »

Hi, this is the first time I have this issue. I have the portable 64 version, release 62, updated from release 56 (if I can reckon well).
Please try and help, because it's very annoying issue.
Thanks in advance!
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Re: Extensions deleted after Iron update

Post by Raveolution »

I just had this problem when I updated Iron on Windows 8.1. All my tabs and extensions gone for no reason, and Iron removed my on-startup "continue where you left off" setting, too. All for no reason whatsoever.
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