BING search makes me upset

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Re: BING search makes me upset

Post by SRWare »

Jaegweir1259 wrote:
SRWare wrote:
hozza wrote:easy way (the way I have used) is to uninstall SRware Iron browser and go back to Google Chrome! Easy - SRWare has been funded by Bing! it is time to leave :evil:
As said before in another thread, we will give you the possibility to remove the searchbox in the next version. No reason to panic ;)

ok so it has been 4 months since you stated this, when is the next version coming out that will allow us to remove bing?

you mentioned "No reason to PANIC" , you do realize that bing is counter intuitive to Iron's concept of PRIVACY AND SECURITY right?

I am removing srware iron until; this is possible
It is already possible since some time, look at the update-thread ;):

"Who wants to disable the searchbox on New-Tab can extract this file to the Iron-Folder:"
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Re: BING search makes me upset

Post by Jaegweir1259 »

I have a Linux system
not using wine so .zip will not help thanks any ways
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Re: BING search makes me upset

Post by 1Rosomak »

This issue seems to be still present even in version 56.0.2950.1. I suppose the resource.pak available from you here for download file would make thing now only worse, right?
Can we get rid of this b***sh*t BING for good? Thank you!!!!! PLEASE!
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Re: BING search makes me upset

Post by Rexnon »

That's perfect we've finally got an opportunity to get rid of Bing search bar in the New tab page... but what about a replacement?
e.g. what if I'd like to have Yandex, Google or maybe even eBay, AliExpress or Amazon search bar there instead?
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Re: BING search makes me upset

Post by flatironClimber »

Well, here it is going on March 2018 and I don't see any updates to getting rid of Bing on the New Tab. Are you really interested in doing what your users want? Respond as to why this has not happened. Thanks.
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