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Re: Old Iron versions - official archive - here!

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added iron 81/83/84 for win + some older versions for linux/mac
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Re: Old Iron versions - official archive - here!

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XtremeRampage wrote: Tue Sep 30, 2014 10:05 am Thank you very much. Some folk like classic items, I guess including classic version of internet browser :D

Also, a tip for anyone who wanted to install Chrome extensions on the older SRWare Iron version (like I did with Iron version 27.0):
markaz wrote:One thing to keep in mind is that Google is more than aware that non-Chrome users are still able to access extensions and are taking measures to plug every loophole. Their newest one is the creation of a _metadata file that is part of a download and not "installed" in the User Data directory. Here's the newest message that appears in Iron when trying to install a .crx extension downloaded from the Webstore using the Downloader:
In looking at the .crx file name there is no "_" at the beginning of the name, so it's their recently added _metadata. I know no nothing about coding, but do wonder if this "barrier" is one that Iron developers could address. Dunno. What are a couple of the extensions you'd like to get? I want to see if I'm able to get them installed.
XtremeRampage wrote:I think I discovered from ABP forum a way to "fool" the Chrome developers shady attempt to forbid old extensions/chrome users:
https://adblockplus.org/forum/viewtopic ... 6&start=15
change the extension from crx to zip

Then un-zip file the file locally. ==> in a folder
In chrome, go to the extensions page (tools -> extensions), select the 'Developer mode' checkbox
Click the "Load unpacked extension..." button
Navigate to the location of the unzip ABP extension folder. and select it.
ABP extension should load.
In my case, I tried to install an extension using above method but SRWare Iron still "unable" to accept the extension. The workaround is that I rename the folder contained within the unzipped extension (e.g: _metadata to metadata) before clicking the "Load unpacked extension..." button.

Again, thanks a lot to SRWare Iron team :ironvschrome

Thanks so much for the Tip!
Do the extensions work smoothly with this or are there any complications occuring?
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