Webmail Rich Text Shortcuts

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Webmail Rich Text Shortcuts

Postby controlfreak » Sun Oct 18, 2009 4:56 pm


When I compose a rich text email in one of my webmail interfaces (Fastmail, Google Apps), I can type along and then, when I wish to type something in, say, bold letters, I simply hit Ctrl + B (in Opera and FF) and that activates the bold lettering. Then, of course, I hit Ctrl + B again when I want it to return to normal type formatting. I find this very convenient. Much easier than first typing a message and then going through it with mouse in hand, manually highlighting and applying the rich text features (italics, bold, etc.).

In Iron this does not work (and, I presume, also not in Chrome). My question: why ? And is there someway around this ?

Thanks !


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