YouTube's HTML5: Slow on certain videos

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YouTube's HTML5: Slow on certain videos

Postby Ultra_K » Tue Nov 12, 2013 10:11 pm

Hello. I have the next problem: certain videos of YouTube, in HTML5 mode, have a very, very slow load and they stutter a lot. And I mean a lot, as it's unviewable. It only happens on certain videos, and it does never happen if I de-activate the HTML5 feature and use Flash.

It also never ever happens in another browser, be it IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari... Even no other Chromium-based browser, like CoolNovo, Comodo, Chrome or Chromium vanilla, has this problem. I tried a fresh install of Iron in my computer, erasing my profile, and it keeps happening.

I don't have to say that my connection speed could be the problem, since all the other browsers loads ALL YouTube HTML5 videos blazingly fast (I have a 100 Mb Internet connection). So, it is indeed an issue of Iron.

It's a problem for me, because I watch YouTube videos very frequently, and Flash is not an option, as it gives me poor playback quality. I switched to CoolNovo in the meantime, but... it's not just as good as Iron. Anyone know how to fix the problem? I don't care if I have to wait for a new version. I just want to keep using Iron, but without the issue!

Thank you and good day.

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