How to enable "print preview" and set print p

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How to enable "print preview" and set print p

Postby pstein » Thu Oct 24, 2013 5:11 pm

I started to search for a dialog "Print Page setup" or similar in order to adjust the margins for the print page.

As I read in several help articles users have to press Ctrl+P in order to get to the print preview and margin setup dialog.

However this is wrong! When I press Ctrl+P I come to the "normal" Windows print dialog which let my only adjust individual printer driver settings e.g. for well known pdf printer PdfCreator.

But I have already set the margins in PdfCreator to zero (=0)!
Nevertheless when I print a page then a big, big white frame is put around the printed web page.

So my guess is that there are not only the printer driver margins but (similar to Firefox and IntExplorer) separate browser margin values inside Chrome.

How can I setup them?

Another suggestion was to enter


in the URL entry field and to enable preview this way.

But theres is not flag "(print) preview" which can be enabled.

So again: How do I adjust print page preview and margins otherwise?

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