"Class not registered" error :(

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"Class not registered" error :(

Postby zon » Tue Oct 22, 2013 7:46 am

Installed the latest version of Iron (30.0.1650.0 Stable for Windows) on Win 8 x64.
But whenever start Iron via clickinng on its Taskbar button or a desktop shortcut - no matter whether old or freshly created - it won't start up Iron but give an error window with

C:/Program Files (x86)/SRWare Iron/iron.exe
Class not registered

The default browser tool also did not help. I had this before with earlier versions, sometimes. It forced me to go through a lengthy process of completely wiping Iron with all my customisations, plugins etc. - which i'd like very much to avoid, as it would make getting the latest version quite a time hassle.
All helping hints / solutions much appreciated :ironvschrome

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