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Iron doesn't load website

Postby Garrin » Wed Oct 02, 2013 6:12 pm


I noticed today, that no matter which site of the domain I want to open, Iron doesn't load anything. When I press Ctrl+U there is no source loaded at all and all I see is a blank white page.
How comes it only happened on that website so far?
Usually when something didn't work in Firefox or Opera, I was going to try it in Iron, but this time it's the other way around and Firefox displays everything correctly on that site.
I was searching for extensions and occasionally and some google search results from seemed promising but then I ended up having a blank page. It seems strange that especially this site doesn't work. Am I unaware of some policy or is it just a bug?

Sometimes I happen to experience a similar issue though: When a website has the character '#' in the URL it sometimes seems to cause, that I cannot reload the page not does it help to go into the address bar and press enter again.
I *think* it is when the # is directly after a '/', for example when I search for 'java' on google ( and then press the reload button, the page stays blank. I can now remove character by character until I finally remove the '#' and then suddenly the reload works...

I really like Iron's speed and how it handles multiple tabs, so that if one tab is loading stuff, the others are not affected and so on, but this is a real annoyance sometimes and I would be glad, if there was a way to fix it : )
Also completely not loading important pages might be a deal breaker : / or would at least force me to always have a second browser up to date and ready to use.

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