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Not showing page

Postby Groundhog » Tue Sep 24, 2013 11:13 pm

SRWare is not rendering page. It is visible as a HTML text in source. Name is just regular with .html extension.
Works fine in other browsers except Chrome on windows (7). The same problem as SRWare (on windows 7).
Page being send from custom server (embedded with small memory - due to restriction on size of data transmission
pages are send by small chunks of data (<1024 bytes) in "chunking" mode. Last chunk with zero size payload is not being send. Instead of sending last chunk socket is closed. When the same page are sent from Apache all is just fine.
What could be the reason? Not graceful small chunks handling? Needs to get last zero chunk? Something else?
Could decreasing browser cache cure the problem? How to forcibly set SRWare browser cache say to 256 bytes?

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