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Postby StatenJM » Wed Aug 21, 2013 10:27 pm

I really prefer to only use one browser, but because of a feature found only on Opera and not on any other browser (as far as I have found), I still require opera in addition to my Iron.
This feature is a a save as... feature. As of now Chrome allows me to save a website as "Website, HTML only" or "Website, Complete". The problem with this is when you save a website as complete it makes a .html and a folder with a bunch of icons and such (if those ever get deleted it so effects the .html link provided with it by not displaying them). However, this save as... feature is ever so better in Opera. If I want to save a website page I click save as... on Opera and it gives me a "Website, Single File" feature which saves a .mht file on my computer without a folder with a bunch of pictures with it (it basically makes a scrollable screenshot of the page & adds links which when clicked will bring you to the page just like you were browsing the normal site).
I would love to see this feature added to Iron :ironvsopera


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Re: Website Archive

Postby mapx » Sat Aug 24, 2013 11:53 pm

1. chrome://flags
you can enable
Save Page as MHTML (Disables saving pages as HTML-only or HTML Complete; enables saving pages only as MHTML: a single text file containing HTML and all sub-resources.)

but ... The "Save Page as MHTML" option (in Chrom://flags) does NOT allow you to view MHTML documents. It only allows (requires) you to save web pages as MHTML. (That is, if you enable it, you lose the ability to save a page as HTML with associated folder of related files. You can ONLY save as MHTML)
MHTML documents on a website are still downloaded, not viewed in Chrome.

2. try the extension "SingleFile" ... le/details

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