Private session hotmail, previous user still remenbered

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Private session hotmail, previous user still remenbered

Postby jcm » Fri Apr 26, 2013 4:20 pm

Hello All.
I selected this Browser, because I found some good articles about safety.

Let explain the start situation:
- I start SRWare in private mode (-icongnito), go into one hotmail account, read, write emails .
- Then leave the session without login out of hotmail, just closing the SRware browser. OK I know this is not good, but many peoples are doing like that.

THe problem is:
- when I restart the browser (always in private mode), as soon a letter is entered in the login name, if this letter correspond to the first letter of the previous user, the whole login name of previsous user is proposed.

This is not privacy.

I deactivated the boxes for "Automatic filling of formulars" and "records (memorize) password on the web"

Any suggestions how to eliminate that ?

Kind regards.

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