Problems with discussion forums (other than this)

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Problems with discussion forums (other than this)

Postby saunatonttu » Sun Mar 31, 2013 3:19 am


I just lost a longish reply on a discussion forum (vBulletin v. 3.8.5) using Iron 25.0.1400.0 for Windows (7). I pressed the Quote button, wrote my reply, then searched for one link to add, didn't find it, did something else meanwhile leaving the browser page open for about an hour or a half, searched again for the link to add, gave up and pressed the Preview-button to see if I made any typos. The browser showed me the prewiev for a second, then flashed and gave me a completely white page. When I pressed the Back button I saw some flashing for a second or two, and then my reply was gone, only the original quotes remaining.

And amateur mistake, I know (trusting a computer to hold your data in it's memory). But is there anything anyone (including myself) could do to make this browser more usable for us silly humans? ;)

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Re: Problems with discussion forums (other than this)

Postby mapx » Sun Mar 31, 2013 9:18 am

in your specific case, it's difficult to say what happened.
anyway, it's better when you write long comments (blogs, forums etc.) to use some simple text editor

usable ? you mean what ?

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Re: Problems with discussion forums (other than this)

Postby markaz » Mon Apr 08, 2013 2:37 am

I completely agree with @mapx. You're asking for something that is just not realistic....and I don't mean that as a slam. Browsers and a computer's memory can be asked to do a great deal of things, but asking them to "lock" a very lengthy post with all the page reloads, conducting searches for other items, etc, over a 90 minute time span is just begging for a lost message. This happened to me years ago using Firefox and what I learned was that it wasn't the browsers problem, it was the operator. Since then for lengthy posts to forums or lengthy messages (even an email) or comments on any site I will type out the whole thing in Word ahead of time (saving as I go) and I get the benefit of Spell Checking as well. A copy and paste is a whole lot simpler and safer than placing too much faith in a computer or any browser.

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