Windows 8 - Class Not Registered

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Windows 8 - Class Not Registered

Postby HarryStottle » Thu Mar 14, 2013 8:06 pm

Second attempt. Posted yesterday but no trace.

I've installed SRWare Iron v 25.0.1400 on a number of workstations. The Windows 8 ones - ONLY - exhibit the "class not registered" behaviour if I click on taskbar.desktop or start menu (start8) icons. All icons correctly address the program in its folder. Furthermore if I run the program from the full program menu or by doubleclicking the iron.exe in the program folder, it works as advertised. So clearly there isn't "really" a class registration issue, more like a path issue.

In all cases, the problem takes a few hours to manifest. i.e. when freshiy installed, all icons work as they should. After a few hours, however, whether or not the system has been rebooted, the icons cease to function.


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