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Editing the Home button

Post by BKC »

How do I change the Home button to open a specific set of pages rather than one page? Doing this on startup is easy within the Settings dialog box but the Home button operates differently. After clicking Change, I tried typing the pages such as http://news.google.com/ http://www.bing.com/maps/ but after clicking OK, the space between the addresses disappeared and the Home button didn't work. Thank you.
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Re: Editing the Home button

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Usually things like that are separated by a comma or semi-colon(as in email clients), but I tried it, and only the first link opened(sort of). There's probably a way. I'll keep looking
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Re: Editing the Home button

Post by mapx »

go into settings ==> show home button ==> change ==> insert this js code: (replace site1.org, site2.org with your sites)

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javascript:(function(){ window.location.href='http://site1.org/'; window.open('http://site2.com/'); })();
you can add other addresses / sites (not only 2) adding some other sequences of this type: window.open('http://siteN.com/');

its working when you push home button but when you are on a real page (not on the empty new page)
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