Desktop 'Bleeding' through Iron windows

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Desktop 'Bleeding' through Iron windows

Postby CuddleMonster » Sun Dec 09, 2012 10:31 pm

If Iron is the foremost window, I will occationally get other non-minimized programs from the background 'bleeding' through the webpage I'm loading. I use multiple tabs almost exclusively, but I rarely have any other programs in the background. Yesterday this also happened for a desktop icon where my mouse was positioned as a page loaded.

Screenshot of the most recent Desktop Icon bleeding through attached.

This will also happen for programs such as uTorrent, Winamp, (those two being the most often), and the f'ing microsoft windows Calculator. Not the whole window from the background will bleed through, the background window's frame is almost always missing and usually other parts as well. Also this bleed only happens when a page is loading. If a program does bleed through, sometimes but not always, it remains static on the page. So if I scroll the webpage up then the bleed goes up as well, once the bleed is scrolled off the screen is remains gone. Other times once I scroll the window at all the bleed immediately goes away.

Two added notes: 1) SR Iron has not been faster for me than Firefox since I switched on a friend's recommendation last Nov and the pages have only increased their loading time since. 2) Why is there is no 'Reload Image' option on the r-click menu for images? There is "view image in another tab" but no "view image" that in Firefox would just reload that individual image; If Iron takes too long loading an image it will make the image as could not load and just be done with it then I have to open it in a brand new tab or just reload the entire page which has a high chance of just running into a loop of loading too slow.

On to specifications:
OS: Win7 x64
i7 M640 2.8g
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Re: Desktop 'Bleeding' through Iron windows

Postby mapx » Tue Dec 11, 2012 10:02 am

the bleeding isnt specific to iron browser

read here ... l?id=93139

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