Fonts messed up in Chromium since version 22

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Fonts messed up in Chromium since version 22

Postby Deshooo » Tue Nov 20, 2012 8:34 pm

The Chromium team has decided to forego using anti-aliasing for Chromium as far as I can tell, ever since three months ago or so. This means that effectively, fonts will look much too distorted and pale, which makes browsing very unpleasant.

There are a few threads about this on their community sites, many people are complaining, but the Chromium team refuses to do anything or acknowledge that this is a problem.

And yet this is huge, it makes reading text really, really annoying, and has made all Chromium-based browsers unusable for me. It means that Iron 21 is the last version of Iron with "good" fonts, while versions 22 and 23 based off Chromium have the horrible fonts.

Here are some discussions about this problem, in particular this one, where a developper insists that this is the "way things are supposed to be", and ultimately locks the thread ... ?id=141425

And others ... &id=146407 ... ?id=152304 ... ?id=155462

Many users are saying that they are switching to Firefox, and post screenshots to show that something is clearly amiss.

Here are some examples: ... 4&inline=1 ... 2&inline=1 ... 5&inline=1 ... 5&inline=1 ... 8&inline=1

As I am not very cognizant on these matters, I am not quite sure what causes this problem, but what looks obvious is that it is something very easy to modify.

The reason for starting this thread, would be to ask if this is indeed found to be something very easy to tweak, and if the Chromium teams refuses to change the way fonts look like it seems to (in the first thread I linked to, one of them insists that this is a "design choice" or something to the effect), I would wonder if it would be possible for the Iron Browser team to give us an option to get the old fonts back.

I don't want to be presomptuous, and I don't know what exactly it entails. But, I felt that this was a significant issue that deserves to be brought up, of which there is surprisingly little outcry. I've seen many people complain about fonts since that version (a build of Chromium in early August) but they are scattered.

The latest version of Google Chrome Canary definitely still has this issue as many people are reporting in these discussions.

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