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saved passwords

Postby Vibov » Fri Sep 11, 2009 7:13 pm


1. Since you are focused on the issues of security, wouldn't it be a good idea to supply Iron with an option of setting a master password (which Google Chrome is - amazingly - lacking); to protect the saved passwords

2. I saved some login & password anyway... (I double checked, the website is not on the program's list of exceptions, and the password gets indeed saved, as I can see under "Options" / "Personal Stuff" / "Showed saved passwords").
Then I log out, revisit the login screen of the website in question and... what? Nothing happens. No auto-fill... no command in the context menu... so, quite how do I benefit from storing passwords? :)

Norton Identity Safe simply fills the textboxes out automatically in Firefox, and in Opera there's a toolbar button (a magic wand) which does just that when you only click it.

How do you get Iron to fill the login & password one's saved before?

I tried restarting the browser, as well as checking Form autofill on and off, none of these has got any effect whatsoever.

I use the latest version of SRWare Iron, running under Windows XP SP3

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