iron v3 better than chromium v4 ?!?

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iron v3 better than chromium v4 ?!?

Postby alain57 » Thu Sep 10, 2009 11:26 am

I daily use chromium on my linux box (a daily build from svn)
I heard about iron from a german guy i worked with.

So i googled a bit and found it

I would sai, it's cool to make a fork of chromium and disable some bad ideas google had
you only compare iron to chrome, but what can i expect with chromium ?

are there the same bad things inside ?

is iron based on chromium 3 ? if so, why not using version 4 ?!?

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Re: iron v3 better than chromium v4 ?!?

Postby danboid » Wed Jan 27, 2010 9:17 pm

This is also my biggest question about iron- the homepage lists the privacy/security issues fixed in iron that are present in Chrome but neglects to mention which of them are still present in Chromium (currently). The FAQ says 'most' of these are still present in Chromium- which ones got fixed in Chromium?

I know it been suggested elsewhere on this forum but I too would also very much like to see a 'Start in Incognito mode' option for the iron homepage or just iron in general. This seems like a sensible default for those who have opted for iron over Chrome/ium.

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