Iron dont load Startpage at first Browserstart

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Iron dont load Startpage at first Browserstart

Post by glumoe »

I got the Problem for a longer time.

Iron don´t want to load the Startpage when i start the Browser first time after Systemstart. It tries to, but load and load.... its the same when i klick on Links out of other Programms or Tools. The Browser starts, loads and nothing happens.
But if into klick in the location bar and press enter, it loads the page like it should be.

I tried it with a completely new User Profil and deleted the old one from the system. No changes. I even deactivated/aktivated the IpV6-Options in the Networkdevice-Options. No changes.

Can somebody tell what goes wrong here?

I dont wont to go back to Firefox, cause i really like the Iron. But thats a pretty annoying problem i like to fix quick :)
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Re: Iron dont load Startpage at first Browserstart

Post by BKC »

I encountered the same problem as have many others. I've read that the failure to load Iron is tied into Adblock which I don't want to disable so I've discovered the following workaround. Within Windows, I've placed shortcuts to my favorite websites within "Links" on the tray. When I load Iron from those links, it loads normally without hanging. However, to make this work properly, Iron must be set up as the default for the appropriate file types and protocols.

SRWare has provided a tutorial to accomplish this:

1.) Download
2.) Extract it and copy the file (DefaultBrowser) to your Iron-Folder (important)
3.) Run it from that folder and press GO. Finished!

Under Windows, The Iron Folder would normally be located here:
C:\Program Files\SRWare Iron
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