2 tabs opening & Google issue

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2 tabs opening & Google issue

Postby missing string » Mon Sep 17, 2012 6:35 am

Hi all,

I'm finding Iron to be great so far, however, I have encountered 2 issues:

1. When I click on a link in external programs (Office, chat messengers, etc.), 2 tabs are opened in Iron. Originally, it opened in IE, I used SetBrowser and it now opens in Iron, but with a 2nd tab. The first tab is fine, the second tab opens with this line added to the URL "htmlfile/Shell/Open/Command".

The registry entries for HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\http\shell\open\command (and for https as well) is:

C:\PROGRA~2\SRWARE~1\iron.exe "%1"

2. When I use Google to find something, it bases my location in the US, though I am in the UK. For example, if I am looking for something to buy, I type it in, click on the "shopping" button at the top of Google and it lists prices in dollars, not pounds. I'm not sure if this is an Iron or Google problem, but this seems like a good place to start.

Thanks for any help!

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