OSX Lion and Iron

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OSX Lion and Iron

Postby linicx » Sat Sep 15, 2012 4:48 am

A friend recommended your site. After I poked around I found Iron. But, before I could begin to post this question, an enormous in-yer-face webthing started to download with zero way for me to stop it! Then I saw Firefox had removed Safari and taken control of your site. I now believe I am Fox free. :D

I am legally blind but that is not why I am here.

I am not thrilled with tracking cookies, in-yer-face advertising - which was the first GIANT AD I saw here - or google, especially since I learned it bypassed some of Safari features such as ad-blocking. .

I have Lion 10.7.4 on Mac server. I bought it for the i7 not realizing what I got into. What I've learned is that there are more than a few programs that don't work well on it. Firefox is one of them.

Will the latest Iron release run on OSX Lion server? The biggest reason I am not happy with Safari is that Apple combined search function and URL in the URL bar, and now bypasses the search engine I use which is my home page.

BTW, I use a search engine that does not follow. http://www.duckduckgo.com/ It is clean, fast and never gives me any trouble. I think it is powered by Wolfram but I am not 100% sure. If you like to tinker it has some really interesting tools.

Thank you.

PS: Why is your website trying to download XVIDX software on my Mac? I really do not need it.

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