Open New Tab question

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Open New Tab question

Postby Ogre » Sun Aug 30, 2009 12:57 am

Is it possible to right click a link and select the "Open New Tab" option but have the browser keep the page I am currently viewing up? I often scroll through forums and open multiple tabs to threads prior to reading each one and I prefer to keep my current page in focus as opposed to viewing the new tab as it appears.

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Re: Open New Tab question

Postby InsTeR » Mon Aug 31, 2009 1:18 am

yes +1 because when you want open 2-5 links you must switch again :s
and sorry for my bad english xD

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Re: Open New Tab question

Postby soluphobe » Fri Sep 04, 2009 2:07 am

I'm using on Linux, and when I do 'right-click->Open in new tab' it opens in foreground for me. When I use 'Ctrl-click' on the other hand, the tab opens in the background. As to opening 2-5 links, I find that Rightclick, move, click, move, right-click, move, click... is more time consuming than move, ctrl-click, move, crtl-click, move, ctrl-click...

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Re: Open New Tab question

Postby Ogre » Tue Sep 08, 2009 9:16 pm

Thanks for the information. Ctrl Click does indeed open the tabs as a background and I agree that it's much easier.

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Re: Open New Tab question

Postby DHotdog85 » Sat Oct 17, 2009 11:52 am

I just recently downloaded Iron, and the new-tab [opening in the foreground instead of the background] issue was immediately my first gripe. I do like the program otherwise. The ctrl-click option is useful if you're clicking directly on a link. But, it doesn't work when I use right click to open a new tab (there's a multitude of instances where I find right-click very useful). Maybe I'm just asking too much. But, after getting used to Firefox and [dare I say] Chrome, it's a little frustrating to have to take the time to work around a new program's stubbornness. Any ideas?

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Re: Open New Tab question

Postby dogstar » Sun Dec 06, 2009 12:20 pm

The older version of Iron I had been running previously (No, unfortunately I don't recall which version) would open tabs in the background when right clicking, this foreground opening on right click is a new "feature" and something I wish was selectable... it tends to be quite obnoxious when in the middle of scrolling through a page as I always forget to Ctrl-click as I've not trained myself to do it yet and it seems quite un-intuitive, but maybe that's just me as I'm quite mouse dominant when navigating a web page. I guess it comes from all the first person shooters... if you aren't using your mouse and are pressing keys while someone is shooting at you, you'll soon be dead :)

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Re: Open New Tab question

Postby controlfreak » Tue Dec 08, 2009 2:01 am

I know the OP is asking specifically about using the right-click function to open a link in a background tab, but -- for those who have a middle mouse button or scroll wheel, as most do, I imagine -- why not just use that scroll wheel (middle-cllick) function ? That's what I do to open about 8-10 tabs all in the background. :) I'm assuming that it's more the result that one is after (opening links in the background), than the specific method (right-clicking).

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Re: Open New Tab question

Postby movrshakr » Sat Dec 26, 2009 5:22 pm

Very interesting posts.

It is clear that many prefer "Open link in new tab" to open it as a background tab--focus remaining on the original tab.

Yet, there are many (ME! too) who much prefer the other way, for focus to switch to the tab of link you clicked--to open as the foreground tab.

So the solution is to implement a selection for the user to set which way it is to work. Problem solved.

Aside, the control-click could then do the opposite of whichever way Iron was currently set to open tabs.

Please, please, please do this to satisfy everybody.

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