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Problems

Posted: Wed Feb 20, 2019 8:09 pm
by TokyoDragon
Hi, I'm experiencing a problem across all installations of Iron on a Windows 10 desktop. This happens using both the main application and the portable variant. When I try to sign into my Google Account and sync features, I enter my username and password, but am then told there is a problem and to try later. If I try later, I get the same message.

This is not a username or password problem as I can try the details on other machines (a laptop, an android phone) and sign in and out no problem at all.

As a possible solution, I even removed entirely both versions of Iron from the desktop, then re-installed fresh versions of each. Again the same problem occurred. It does not seem to be a problem with other Chromium based browsers, only Iron. This is a bit of a shame as Iron is my favourite!

Is this a known issue? I would appreciate any advice anyone has on how I manage to fix this problem?

I even tried switching Google to a two-step authentication. This time, it went past the password screen, but when I completed the 2nd step I was again hit by the "Sorry, there's a problem" message.

Note: This is not a problem signing into my Google Account as I can do that in order to sign into Drive, Gmail etc. It is specifically the browser level account that syncs bookmarks and so on.