3.0.189 Beta problem

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3.0.189 Beta problem

Postby nObRaIn » Thu Jul 02, 2009 9:33 pm

hi all, i have been using 3.0.189 Beta for a couple of days now and it seems to be working better for me overal than the latest stable release (too many crashes and a few other problems). however, i have a problem with the beta that causes an error when i try to access paypal directly from ebay when i need to pay for something i bought.

I did't think it could be related to iron initialy as it looks more like a problem between ebay and paypal, but it comes up that i only have this problem from the laptop using the beta version of iron. two other laptops using the latest stable version and firefox are still working fine, and i can't think of anything as a possible solution.

I already tried running the blank adblock.ini, dissable user scripts, run iron without any special parameters, but i'm out of ideas as to what could be causing the problem. it looks like iron is blocking some information that is required for the redirect from ebay to paypal(?) so, any ideas anyone??

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