Gnash (GNU FLash Player) in Iron

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Gnash (GNU FLash Player) in Iron

Postby xebuzer0 » Tue Aug 28, 2012 4:03 am

Hi again :)

I am making this post only to announce that Gnash, the GNU alternative to Crapdobe Flash Player, is working so well. 8-) (and sorry for the crap, but all of us know that is true), I wasn't doing nothing because I finished all the thing I had to do, so i did this experiment and I came to announce it, hehe :P

The gnash project as I said here up, is another project that aims to be part of the collection of open source alternatives to the closed and/or privative source software, as well as libreoffice is the analog to microsoft office, gimp the analog of photoshop, or ubuntu is the analog of win, gnash is the open source library compatible with flash content, but if you want to know more about this project, I recomend to you visit this link:

By now this project is NOT as good as the original flash player and by obvious reasons, for adobe's people is not convinient to help this projrct, something similar to ReactOS project, but is on good steps, also now they have anounced that they have full suport of ALL the youtube videos, also it was tested for me in youtube and I didn't have problems of any kind ;)

Here are some screeshots of the Gnash plugin fully working under Iron Browser :D


And my question is, maybe it isn't as good as the original, and maybe Iron suports html5, but not all the sites use it, and maybe youtube uses it, but is only a "beta" version, also the videos with ads can't be played with the html5 player of Iron, so why not include it as well as this is open source software as Iron and can be redistributed w/o any problems of licence ? :)

Greetings to all and peace ;)

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