Unwanted scrollbars in popup windows

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Unwanted scrollbars in popup windows

Postby amateur33 » Fri Aug 24, 2012 9:41 am

I have recently upgraded my SRWare Iron browser to 21.0.1200.0 (Build de développement 151001 Windows) on a computer with XP service pack 3.
In my (not so important) website circa33.free.fr I have popup windows to display photographies.
With the new release of SRWare Iron, scrollbars appear in the popup windows.
This was not the case before, and does not happen with FireFox or Internet Eplorer 8.

Second point : when the popup windows appear, the title is not displayed. Unless you right-click on the photography (shows the author of the picture in a javascript alert box, after what the title of the windows appears correctly)

I would gladely believe that these bugs are due to my low level in HTML and Javscript, if so, can somebody tell me, where is the problem in my code lines ?

If the bugs are due to the new release of SRWare Iron I hope this topic will contribute to correct it.

Thank you by advance for your possible answer (and sorry for my low level in english :-))

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