unstable/caching problem

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unstable/caching problem

Postby nrg » Thu Aug 16, 2012 10:03 pm

let me first start by saying that i been a big fan of Iron since it was started, and been using it ever since as my default and preferred browser... cause of the benefits it gives over google spying etc.

However , since a a recent version i think from 19.x.x there has been introduced a problem in this browser which causes my laptop to nearly freeze after a while and takes all memory from the laptop.

I also see my harddisk light blinking nonstop as soon as i start Iron and start browsing, as if the cache is running nonstop.
Once I saw a browsertab process that had 1,5gb virtual ram running.
This problem didn't used to be.

I recently updated to the latest version, however this problem remains.
is there anything i can provide , log or something to look into this problem?


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