Browser Doesn't Save All Tabs and Windows?

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Browser Doesn't Save All Tabs and Windows?

Postby PinstripedTie » Sat Jun 30, 2012 1:48 am

When I run Firefox... if I have two browser's open with multiple tabs
and then restart the computer, leaving them running... when I get
back up and running, I click the Firefox icon and it opens both browser
windows back up with all previous tabs. Why doesn't this browser do
this? It only opens the last browser window closed.

I suggest the programmers make IRON do the same as Firefox. I think
Firefox is the most powerful browser available, though it has too many
issues, bugs and glitches. So, here I am... looking for a more reliable
browser. I just have NOT been a Chrome fan. But I am willing to use
a less powerful browser in trade for reliability. BUT... I DO need the
great essentials of Firefox built in to this browser, as well.

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