A lot of websites and content not loading up

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A lot of websites and content not loading up

Postby discrace » Wed Jun 27, 2012 5:40 pm

Im assuming that it is related to flash player, I might be wrong through but many sites do not load up when i try to view them, it just stays on a blank page. Examples, the login page for Amazon no longer appears correctly, some images in google do not appear correctly, many websites dont appear at all.

I attempted to uninstall and then re install flash player and shockwave player in case they were faulty, but now I cant even re install them!

The install pages for shockwave doesnt start downloading automatically (nothing does) and when trying to click the manual link, nothing happens.

When i try to install flash player it gets to 7% then goes to a time out error at 47%.

Even SRWIron forum pop up windows dont display properly, they are just a blank blue box.

Is flash and shockwave players inability to work connected to the web pages and content not appearing properly if at all? If so, how do i solve this?
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Re: A lot of websites and content not loading up

Postby mapx » Thu Jun 28, 2012 3:09 pm

search for flash uninstaller and remove all flash player in your system

download and install flash again (for non-IE browsers)

verify also chrome://plugins to activate that flash player just installed

eventually verify your firewall to permit the internet traffic for flash / iron

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