Feature Request: Less Intrusive Autocomplete

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Feature Request: Less Intrusive Autocomplete

Postby lyj_88 » Sat Jun 23, 2012 9:28 pm


i would like to request a modification to a feature that many users of chrome find irritating.
the browser's behaviour now is that it autocompletes things that are typed into the omnibox without any other input. it's very intrusive to browsing.

for example, if i search "SRWare Iron" a few times, the next time i want to search for "S", it automatically autocompletes everything.
that means that i type [S] [Enter], the google search for "SRWare Iron" comes out.

can it be made such that when i type [S] [Enter], i get a google search for "S" instead? and if i want the autocomplete, i have to (for example) press the down arrow to select the one i want? or press tab or whatever that works well? i just do not want autocomplete without me actually asking the browser for autocomplete. or an option to completely turn off autocomplete would be fine too.

many people do not like that about chrome, and google is doing nothing. that's why i'm turning to iron, in hopes that you guys can do something about it. since you guys are concerned about privacy and freedom, i hope that this is something you would want to change also.

here are threads that show many chrome users are unhappy about it.

if this is implemented in iron, i'm sure that many people will switch over from chrome.

thank you.

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