Sometimes Iron failes to load content after GET request.

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Sometimes Iron failes to load content after GET request.

Postby inkvizitor68sl » Sat Jun 23, 2012 6:28 pm

Version: 19.0.1100.0 (138391)
OS: Ubuntu Precise with all last updates
HW: Thinkpad X220 (sandy bridge i7-2620M, 8 gb ram and etc).

Some time ago (2-3 weeks) Iron started to fail some GET requests. For example:
1) asking google for something. Starting to open each search result. Some results not opens, there are only white blank page with url like at address bar.
2) opening page with large amount of pictures (like or facebook friend-news page). Some images not loaded.
3) serfing pages, opening large amount of new tabs. Some of them - white blank page without any address at address bar.

Seems, that it happennes only after new tab opened. After reloading the page all seems fine (but when i have no address at address bar - i can't just reload page).
Reproduces at incognito tab (with all disabled installed apps).

Started at Iron 18.0.1050-0, reproduces at 19.0.1100-0

Iron installed with deb-package from this site.

Some screenshots:

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