Saved Passwords not filling in automatically in 19.0.1100.0

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Saved Passwords not filling in automatically in 19.0.1100.0

Postby ironuser » Sun May 27, 2012 1:12 am

SRWare>>>> What happened?
The last released version (18.0.1050.1) Saved Passwords filled in automatically in regular mode, and with a 'Tab' push for the incognito mode.
With this new release (19.0.1100.0), neither regular mode nor Incognito mode work as it did last release.
I have to remember the passwords, even though they are right there in the 'Manage Saved Passwords' dialog in the New Settings pages when it is open up to show advanced settings.
Please tell me I am doing something wrong!

BTW>>> I HATE the new 'Settings' dialog(s). The old Options dialog(s) were better IMO.

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Re: Saved Passwords not filling in automatically in 19.0.110

Postby SimonJ » Wed Jun 06, 2012 1:59 am

I have the same problem, so I deleted all the passwords and data and now some won't save again. I have the autocomplete on extension but it still doesn't work. The form has autocomplete on but no save password option once logged in.

1. Upgrade to latest version - auto fill of username and password stops working on some sites. Also saving passwords stops working on some sites.
2. IE9 can save the password where iron cannot, but iron cannot then import that either.

I found a copy of the old version and that is not working either.

I installed iron on another machine and that is the same both before I synced and afterwards.

Firefox is looking quite appealing! :(

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