Problem to delete the most visited sites miniatures

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Problem to delete the most visited sites miniatures

Postby Larrydav » Wed May 02, 2012 4:06 pm


When i open a new window there is a most visited sites history. I cant delete it all in one click : i have do delete miniature by miniature. No choice for that.
And, when all miniatures have been deleted... i can restore them all, which means miniatures never are definitely deleted !

The problem is only for the most visited sites miniatures window. No problem for browser etc , for a total delete of all the informations. Ccleaner doesn' work too.

I already have my favorites. i dont want that Iron impose me other favorites...

Do you have a solution for permanently delete all the most visited sites miniatures? And for stop to index the most visited sites ?

I have the 18.0.1050.0 Iron.

Sry for my english.

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Re: Problem to delete the most visited sites miniatures

Postby Sawyer » Mon Sep 23, 2013 6:28 pm

I can think of several reasons one would want to disable this "Most visited" or "Speed Dial" page, but Chromium/Opera/SRWare have not yet the option AFAIK.

Here is one solution:
Delete the DB files where these are stored (these are in AppData Local, depends on your OS):
Chromium/User Data/Default/Top Sites
Chromium/User Data/Default/Top Sites-journal

The browser re-creates them on launch. Immediately set them read-only to prevent them from being updated.

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