Latest version of Iron has reverted/changed to german

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Latest version of Iron has reverted/changed to german

Postby Flak » Tue Mar 06, 2012 11:38 pm

We have been using Iron for awhile now and have never had this happen. However, in the past week, every pc we have Iron installed on (all have the latest version) has switched to german. What's odd though is that the browser itself and all the options are in english. However, when going to sites that are pulling location/language data from Iron they are all defaulting to German (bing/google/yahoo/etc). Iron knows we are English so it pops the translator bar for every site this is happening on.

Iron's default language is set to English. It's odd, this has affected EVERY pc we have this latest version of Iron on. If we try a different chromium browser (chormium/comodo/chrome) it's fine. If we uninstall Iron, delete all folders and reg keys and reinstall Iron it's fine for a couple mins. And then like magic it's back to german.

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Re: Latest version of Iron has reverted/changed to german

Postby newsome » Tue Jun 12, 2012 6:36 am

I'm having the exact same problem as well.

Apart from the German versions of Bing, Yahoo, when I do a search in Google, I get all the results in my local language rather than the default English.

I thought this was a malware or something so I ran security scans but nothing came up. Even my antilogger was giving me some strange alerts, so I simply reinstalled my whole OS, suspecting a wider problem.

However, this "language" problem still remains even though my default is set to English.

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