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History Cache

Postby Irontor » Mon Apr 06, 2009 9:48 am

Thanks for a great product I have a few questions

1/ If you submit a query a Google can they examine your history cache?

2/ I presume they will still be tracking via URL for any search? Do you have any plans for a Tor version?

3/ Do you have any plans to have disable java, javascript and images on pages?

4/ I don't whether it is a bug on Find in Page. The text doesn't stay between separate tabs. I have to reenter the search term again and again. I am using the portable version.



For those who are interested I am using Scroogle and IXquick because they have no IP Tracking. I also use http://www.ithaki.net. but i cannot see their privacy policy. All give much better results than msn or yahoo but not quite up to google's level.

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