Iron 2.0 Pre-Beta Download

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Iron 2.0 Pre-Beta Download

Post by SRWare »

After Google has released a Preview to Chrome 2.0, here is a Pre-Beta of Iron 2.0, too:

Please post bugs directly in this thread.

Please note:
This is a "developer-version", which my contain bugs and is probably not ideal for the daily usage.
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Re: Iron 2.0 Pre-Beta Download

Post by rdsu »

Works fine at home...

I will try at work to see if the proxy works with this version.

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Re: Iron 2.0 Pre-Beta Download

Post by rdsu »

This version doesn't behind a proxy like the stable version... :(

The same happens with the latest Chrome beta but not with Chrome stable.

If I can help with something...
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Re: Iron 2.0 Pre-Beta Download

Post by 3RPerson »

First of all, Iron is an awesome browser, especially with the ad blocker. I'm glad you all are taking user privacy seriously.

Now on to the real purpose of this reply:
When Iron 2 is maximized, the tab bar appears to be pushed beyond the boundary of the screen.
See this screenshot:
And it's not just a cropped image, I assure you.

Shot was taken on Windows Vista Home Premium (Service Pack 1).
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Re: Iron 2.0 Pre-Beta Download

Post by bugman »

Like the poster above, unless maximized, the frame of the browser doesn't remember its place between sessions.
When maximized, the tabs edge right at the taskbar,<i have mine on top>.

Something else I noticed, images would disappear or not fully load, seemingly after a short period of time they would disappear-refreshing wont bring them back either.

Another oddity is this version creates hidden files in the temp folder which are locked and removed upon closing the app,

Unlike many others, I only run native XP with SP1.......not relying on MS for security.

Privoxy works beautifully for this application and all others, same with Naviscope for blocking ads and all else, referrer etc.

Thanks for a cool Chromium build!!
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Re: Iron 2.0 Pre-Beta Download

Post by cra3y »

this version has major problem with small thumbnails at web pages (like or It turned to blank after several visit on this sites. restart iron reveal thumbnails, but it disappeared again aftere several visit on this page.
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Re: Iron 2.0 Pre-Beta Download

Post by far.east »

After downloading a something.exe file, Iron 2.0 shows the download bar below its window.
However, no something.exe file is downloaded in the folder where I would like it to be.
Although I check the folder by clicking the download bar, Iron does not reply me.
Where is the something.exe file? Of cource, the files are running by clicking the download bar.