This SUCKS 2 (Password manager)

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Re: This SUCKS 2 (Password manager)

Postby jazluvr » Thu Feb 24, 2011 7:24 pm

ironuser wrote:When I'm ready butthead. Oops, sorry . I forgot 'ain't you da man'" as you so so succinctly put it in the other forum that one of the moderators had to correct the path(s) in some code you copied from someone in here, and pasted there as if it were your own. You couldn't even do that right butthead.
Put your head back into that dark place it came out of and give the rest of the world a break from your 'ask me' whines. Or just go back to the X-Iron forums a try again to impress the moderators there. Didn't work out well the first time, eh?
Oh BTW, I see someone finally got through your thick skull that the Iron devs don't re-invent the old Chrome code. But it hasn't stopped your f__king whinning about in here. You seriously need to get a life beyond the single thought that 'ask me' is going to better your existence. It isn't! So cease to be, please!

I didn't claim it to be my own. I said, "Over at Iron forum, A user has posted adblock_update.js code. It is actually for Opera, but fanboy and another forum member have integrated it so it works with iron version. Here is the code." I gave the credit to fanboy and the member that modified the code.

Stop trying to discredit me. I am not trying to impress anyone. And way to go asking your friends here to report me for sending nasty pm's when you were the 1st to attack me with a very nasty pm, telling me to "f" off and die. I am grateful i am not like you. Again, you tell me.."cease to be, please!" Dam. You really took this whole thing very personally, when i made no mention of you ever, before you attacked me.

I have gotten my warning, and i will leave you alone, and give me the same respect.

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