Adblock and download manager function

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Adblock and download manager function

Postby gaurav sahare » Wed Mar 21, 2018 9:46 am

I downloaded SRWare Iron v65.0.3400.0 64 bit from official website, SRWare Iron says it support built-in adblock function(in description chrome vs Iron). It is a good Chromium Browser for me. But 1 problem, after install, I saw that adblock function is missing, I mean not available, so my question is where is built-in adblock function, built-in means the feature that already provided and no needs to add third party features.
I want a high speed and good stability based download, I know that many download manager software are available with great functions, but Chromium based browser's built-in downloader stability is poor(specially in case of slow connection). Sorry to say this, but it's true, please add this feature if necessary.

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