Site Displays Incorrectly

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Site Displays Incorrectly

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This site doesn't display correctly:
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Re: Site Displays Incorrectly

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Simmilar problem http:/
The ticker bar at bottom is very slow.
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Re: Site Displays Incorrectly

Post by C2H5OH »

another problem on a site i do not want to name for privacy concerns.

the site uses CSS, Java Script and DHTML.

if you have an input box and enter a value manually, which is already present in the autocomplete memory, sometimes the autocomplete suggestion popup will not disappear on leaving the input box/marking another and especially if you change tabs. iron will show a bluescreen telling you that there was an error. "the page could not be displayed correctly" and asks you to reload the page. this is very annoying as it happens to all the tabs viewed with the false input suggestion popup forcing one to reload the page and repeat all input. all i can do currently is praying that the error doesn't occur again :?

also this autocomplete suggestion box sometimes pops up in a wrong position, probably depending on mouse movement, producing the same error screen...
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Re: Site Displays Incorrectly

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