Translation setting, Bookmarks page, & Default browser

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Translation setting, Bookmarks page, & Default browser

Postby Alphonse68 » Fri Jan 19, 2018 10:30 pm

As the subject line denotes, I have three "issues" with this version of Iron (63...).

1.- I gave up looking where to find the setting to disable Iron asking me if I want to translate every page I visit if it is not in English.
So, where is it hidden?

2.- Why did you decide to make the Bookmarks page twice as long, in other words, twice spaced out, so now I have to scroll FOREVER on certain folders where I have A LOT of bookmarks? Even the Bookmark Bar page needs to be scrolled now. The spacing does NOT improve readability; as a matter of fact, it decreases it since I have to try and keep track of where I am every time I have to scroll, even in pages where I did not have to scroll before.

3.- Why is it that with every update of Iron I MUST go mess around with Windows settings to make Iron the default browser instead of clicking on the button at the top of the browser and have it work as it should?

Thank you for the time taken to answer any or all of my queries. Should I have made three separate posts, one for each question?

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